Courtney Love Offered $162 Million Reasons to Stop Exploiting Kurt Cobain

The Kurt Cobain Gravy Train may be rolling to a stop for Courtney Love soon. Luckily for her, the final destination appears to be a huge pile of money.

The Widow Cobain has reportedly been offered $162 million by Evergreen Capital for her remaining 75 percent stake in the End of Music catalogue, which controls the rights to her deceased husband’s work.

Not a bad haul, for a woman who’s had more than her share of financial woes lately. And that kind of dough could buy a lot of therapy and medications—perhaps even enough to stem La Love’s seemingly endless emotional meltdowns for a while.

Even so, a source claims, Love’s decision to divest herself of the Nirvana catalogue may not hinge on dollar signs:

“Courtney thinks the catalogue comes with too many memories. It’s haunted.”

Fair point. And maybe she can spread some of her windfall around to help us get over the frightening image of her having sex with Kate Moss that she recently planted in the public’s consciousness.