Jesse James Copes With Divorce By Selling Stuff On Ebay

Like many people faced with dwindling funds, Jesse James has decided to sell off some of his possessions on eBay for extra cash.

Jesse has listed various items under his eBay account, including two vintage pre-war bicycles, vintage bike parts, a West Coast Choppers bathroom sign, some small antiques, and even two mini coffins.

Yep, that’s right, mini coffins. Gee, you think you know a guy…

Jesse has already sold one of his vintage bikes for $800 and he has already earned some rave reviews from customers.

One of Jesse’s eBay pals tells RadarOnline that he thinks Jesse sells on eBay just for fun: “I think Jesse [sells online] for a hobby. He certainly doesn’t need the money.”

Well, now that he split up with Sandra Bullock, he probably doesn’t have as much money as he used to.