Jonas Brothers Switch Teams, Root For The Mets (PHOTOS)

Hey, waitaminute, we thought the Jonas Brothers were Yankee fans!

Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas were spotted at Citi "Shea Stadium" Field this weekend hanging out with Mets players as they geared up for a game against city rivals, the New York Yankees.

However, the JoBros were recently spotted cheering on the Yankees during a different game. Did the boys switch teams last minute? Or are they simply spreading around their New York love? We're guessing the latter.

Apparently that JoBro bump was better for the Mets than the Yankees: the Mets won 6-4 on Sunday.

Click here for more photos and check out all our paparazzi snaps at Paparazzi-Razzi.



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  • moniquecrinshaw

    yum (: i like his shoes.

  • moniquecrinshaw

    aww thats act. quite sweet :)

  • samantha

    brotherly love :) lol

  • Jenna

    Nick just loves baseball. He's been to see the Rangers, the Dodgers, the Yankees, the Mets, and maybe more.

  • xavier

    noting wrong of being a mets fan they are ok but i also would jump fanbase to any team yankees have been loosing alot of games and i don't blame them to change teams the yukies are sucking right now but if you want to a fan of a winning team become a rays fan.


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