Kanye West Buys Girlfriend Amber Rose’s Silence

How much would you pay your bodacious girlfriend to shut her mouth?

Kanye West has reportedly entered a “silence” agreement with curvy girlfriend Amber Rose, and he’s paying her seven figures to keep her lips sealed.

“Silence” agreements are typically legal contracts that keep the silenced party from speaking about certain information. Think of them as confidentiality agreements for personal relationships.

According to the source who blabbed about Kanye’s agreement, they are fairly standard amongst entertainers and celebrities who want their personal life and personal relationships to be kept private.

Seven figures sounds like a lot of money, but keep in mind that Amber is only famous for being Kanye’s girlfriend. If the two split, she might be tempted to spill Kanye’s secrets in order to gain more fame and money.

Considering that Kanye is known for his wild, spontaneous behavior, we bet he has a lot of secrets.