Let’s All Clap For This New ‘Eclipse’ Clip (VIDEO)

Apparently, being a vampire really does suck sometimes.

Twilight star Nikki Reed appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday and brought along a little treat for the viewers: A clip from the upcoming Twilight sequel Eclipse, in which she tells her co-star Kristen Stewart a thing or two about the drawbacks of being immortally undead.

In the clip, Reed—in character as Rosalie Hale—warns Stewart’s Bella Swan about her impending decision to become a vampire:

“I don’t hate you….Bella, I envy you. You have a choice, I didn’t. None of us did, but you do, and you’re choosing wrong.”

Um, Rosalie does realize that Bella’s choice would mean an eternity with Edward Cullen, doesn’t she? Priorities. priorities…

Anyway, check out the clip below: