Lindsay Lohan Cries Over Cannes, Possible Jail Time (VIDEO)

Well, Lindsay Lohan was able to finally make it back to the United States, conveniently right as the Cannes Film Festival was coming to a close.

It is no secret that Lindsay’s Cannes vacation has come with its share of troubles: she allegedly “lost” her passport (or someone stole it), a warrant for her arrest was issued after she missed an important court date, and she was photographed next to some white powder that looked suspiciously like cocaine.

Now that Lindsay is back in town, she has decided to clear the air about her Cannes trip and mounting legal troubles by sitting down with paparazzi videographers

In the video interview, Lindsay explains that she didn’t know what the white powder was that was next to her in that photograph and that she was simply taking photos with some fans.

Lindsay also responded to allegations that she only went to Cannes to party by saying that she was there to “do press” for her new film Inferno (which hasn’t started filming yet) and she claims that “more than 10 people” can confirm that she went to Cannes for work-related purposes.

Of course, we haven’t seen any evidence of this press that Lindsay was doing, and most of what we saw her doing in Cannes was attending parties, but maybe some of these alleged interviews will come out later.

Watch Lindsay’s tearful interview below.