Taylor Lautner Sleeps With Kristen Stewart, Sorta

Uh oh, Robert Pattinson better watch out because Eclipse co-star Taylor Lautner is talking about his wonderful night sleeping with Kristen Stewart.

Don’t worry Robsten fans, it isn’t what it sounds like: Taylor opened up about his favorite scene in the upcoming movie Eclipse and revealed that he “really liked” the tent scene in which he shares a sleeping bag with Kristen’s Bella:

I really liked the tent scene when we were in a sleeping bag together. Edward is forced to let me sleep in the same sleeping bag as Bella so that she doesn’t die, because she’s shivering to death and I’m warm.

Oh, sounds romantic. But why did Taylor like the scene so much? “It’s a funny scene […] there’s a lot of ribbing going on between Jacob and Edward.”

Well, that doesn’t make it sound nearly as scandalous.

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