Taylor Swift Wants To Sleep With The Stingrays

Now that America’s Sweetheart, Taylor Swift has finally moved into her fancy new home, she is looking for things to fill up all that empty space.

Luckily, if you are rich, famous, and incredibly sweet, you can get pretty much everything you want in life, and Taylor is in the midst of creating a fantasy castle our of her new home.

From LimeLife:

There are rooms where there weren’t rooms before, and I have a birdcage in my living room that is people-sized… Then there’s a pond in the living room as well, and I want to get stingrays. I don’t want people to think I’m crazy, but wouldn’t that be cool?

Let’s see: stingrays, a people-sized birdcage, and secret rooms. Yep, sounds pretty much like ant 20-year-olds fantasy starter home.

While the sting rays sound pretty cool, the bird cage is pretty interesting. Is it a reference to famed feminist theorist Marilyn Frye’s birdcage metaphor for sexism in The Politics of Reality? Er, probably not. Maybe Taylor just thought a birdcage would be cool.

Unfortunately, birdcage-loving Miley Cyrus will now have to find something new to fill up her new home.

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