Tyra Banks Comes Out Of Modeling Retirement

Is Tyra Banks returning to modeling?

Well, sorta: the 36-year-old TV host has recently re-signed with her former modeling agency, IMG.

However, Tyra isn’t returning to the runway, she is re-signing with IMG to, in her words, “align myself with brands that I believe in,” which is publicityspeak for “finding companies to pay me to shill their stuff.”

So, in a way, Tyra will be modeling again and smizing her way into our hearts and pockets.

Meanwhile, if you just can’t get enough Tyra between her daytime talk show and America’s Next Top Model, then prepare yourself for Tyra’s foray into the world of fiction with her new novel, Modelland.

Will Tyra be as successful at fiction writing as she was at modeling and television? We guess we’ll have to wait and see.