Aaron Carter Says Lindsay Lohan “Deserves” Her Legal Troubles (VIDEO)

Special delivery, Lindsay Lohan; Aaron Carter is sending some tough love your way!

CNN caught up with Lohan’s former beau on Monday to get his take on LiLo’s current court drama, brought on by her inability to follow court orders. 

As expected, Carter—who had his own run-inn with the law due to a pot-possession charge a few years back—displayed his full sympathy for the troubled startlet. Naw, just kidding; he basically said that she brought it on herself, so too bad:

“She deserves it. I’m not gonna give any sympathy for somebody who makes mistakes. You need to take fault for your own actions…and other people can learn from this.”

Totally. Primarily, they can learn that, if you need a shoulder to cry on, Aaron Carter isn’t your man.

Check out Aaron’s statement below: