BUZZINGS: Christina Aguilera Cancels Summer Tour

Christina Aguilera, no longer having the stamina of her teen idol days, has canceled her entire summer tour, saying that it would be too difficult to reherese for the tour and prepare for her new album’s release. (PopEater)

• Lovable scamp Jessica Simpson has successfully blocked the release of an old exercise video she filmed in 2005. We guess the world just isn’t ready for Jessica’s workout tips. (Wonderwall)

Sean Hayes is getting the last laugh on that controversial Newsweek article that said was too gay to play straight by hosting the extremely straight Tony Awards. (Starpulse)

Paul Gray, bassist for Slipknot, passed away yesterday in his hotel room. He was 38. (Huffington Post)

• In European celebrity news: Monica Bellucci gave birth to a baby girl. Watch out Shiloh, there is a new celeb kid with a hot mom in town. (LimeLife)