BUZZINGS: Heidi Montag’s ‘Transformers’ Audition Tape Makes Gunplay Hilarious

  • Heidi Montag auditions for Transformers 3 by shooting a bunch of paper targets. Even the NRA is horrified that someone allowed her to handle a gun. (Facebook)
  • Many fans will abandon American Idol when Simon Cowell leaves, will entertain themselves with the next best thing: Shoving hot knitting needles into their eyeballs. (PopEater)
  • An in-depth examination of why men cheat on their wives even when they’re hot. Besides the whole “they’re men” thing, of course. (Hollywood Life)
  • Wycef Jean gives Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt some adoption advice. Surprisingly, it doesn’t consist of, “Leave some orphans for the rest of the would-be parents in the world.” (Wonderwall)
  • Lindsay Lohan’s ankle bracelet will monitor her alcohol level every 30 minutes. That thing’s going to need a liver transplant within a week. (Starpulse)