Doctors Schedule Life-Saving Heart Surgery For Bret Michaels

Poison frontman and tv star, Bret Michaels, will have emergency surgery this fall to repair a hole in his heart.

Michaels, now the victim of several health problems, must wait months until he is off his current string of life-saving medications before it will be safe to operate.

“They have to let everything clear out and then they’ll go in and do the operation in my heart and then I’m gonna be great. I don’t have any other options except to think that it’s gonna be great, it’s gonna be a smooth operation and I’m gonna feel awesome.”

   — Bret Michaels, as told to Access Hollywood

The rocker-turned-reality star is feeling “amazing” after bouncing back from near death and winning The Celebrity Apprentice, despite his brain hemorrhage, warning stroke, and bad heart.

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