Justin Bieber and Soulja Boy Team Up to Take Over the World

Justin Bieber and Soulja Boy Team Up to Take Over the World-photo

If you're anything like us, you've often wondered, "How could Justin Bieber possibly get any more awesome?" And now, thanks to Soulja Boy, we have an answer.

The "Crank That" rapper and the Canadian My World sensation recently came together in the recording studio—we have no idea how they managed to contain that much talent in one room—to collaborate on the sure-to-be-classic "Rich Girl," for Soulja Boy's forthcoming album Dre. Unfortunately, it's not a cover of the Hall & Oates chestnut of the same name, which would have been the only thing that could have made this better, but it is the sweetest bit of ear candy you're likely to hear today.

Wallow in the sonic bliss by clicking below. And for more divine Biebs-related goodness, make sure to crack open The Holy Bieble:



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  • Will never knwo
    Will never knwo

    Bieber aint rich like me i got alot of money my kid got money imma kill him

  • hannahson

    im a rich girl i igot class

  • BieberFreak

    [quote=Jazmyn Bieber]Stop dissing my bro :( Its a great song ! ummm his sis is only liike 5!!

  • polka ,,,;p
    polka ,,,;p

    Hej ..;p Kocham tą piosenkę ;***


    Love this song.;****** Jazmyn thats really you?;OOOO

  • Taylor Bieber
    Taylor Bieber

    Love your brother !!!!!! Please tell him hi, from me! :D

  • Taylor Bieber
    Taylor Bieber

    OMG is that really you, Jazmyn? JB's sister? :O :O ! BTW i

  • Jazmyn Bieber
    Jazmyn Bieber

    Stop dissing my bro :( Its a great song !

  • freezy

    soulja boy?? reaally that baby biebz??he's an untalented lil kid you lost all my respect soulja boy :(

  • yyoy

    this song is stupid, soulja boy sucks assss hes sooo lazy , i agree with franely m.

  • Franely Membreno
    Franely Membreno

    this song is sooooooooooooooo stupid!!!!!!!! hahahaha