Lindsay Lohan Caught Lying In Court

Will Lindsay Lohan ever learn her lesson?

Lil’ Linds was caught in a blatant lie yesterday when she told the judge in her probation hearing that she couldn’t comply with the conditions of her probation (which include staying in the LA area, submitting to random drug tests, and wearing a SCRAM anklet) because she needed to be in Texas for filming of her new movie.

However, the people behind two of her new films, Machete and Inferno say that Lindsay is straight up lying. Woops!

A rep for Machete tells TMZ that although they are planning on filming additional scenes in Texas, “they don’t include [Lindsay].”

A different rep for Inferno tells TMZ that they don’t plan filming until August (when Lindsay’s probation requirements should be finished) and that they aren’t filming in Texas. So what filming was Lindsay talking about that was taking place in Texas?

Lindsay better watch out because if she is caught lying in the court room she could be charged with contempt of court. We don’t think she needs to rack up any more charges at this point.