Meet Megan Fox's Successor In 'Transformers' Hotness

Meet Megan Fox's Successor In 'Transformers' Hotness-photo

Don't be alarmed by that white smoke billowing out of the Vatican chimney; it's just an announcement that a replacement for Megan Fox in Transformers 3 has been found.

According to reports, Victoria's Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has been tapped to fill in for Fox, who bailed on the franchise last week due to helmsman Michael Bay's reportedly dictatorial directing style.

A quick look into Huntington-Whiteley's background reveals that she's 23, attractive, and has zero previous acting credentials. She has, however, dated actors Olivier Martinez and Jason Statham, so that probably puts her on a par with her predecessor.

Previous candidates for the newly opened Transformers role include Clash of the Titans' Gemma Arterton, Bar Refaeli, Huntington-Whiteley's Victoria's Secret cohort Miranda Kerr, and Brooklyn Decker.



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  • John

    Perfect. She is a model, probably can't act. Similar to Megan Fox. People will miss nothing.

  • xxrejectedxspiritxx

    She ok,but can she act?? Ok who am i kdding i could care less,all i wanna see is Shia!!

  • whitecatthorn

    They should use an unknown

  • jullian09

    i think bar refaeli or miranda kerr should do the role..