Rihanna Rocks Her Clothes Off In New Video For ‘Rockstar 101′ (VIDEO)

After teasing us with a sneak peek at her new video, Rihanna has finally granted our prayers and released her entire new video for “Rockstar 101.”

If you thought Rihanna’s recent proclivity for on-stage crotch grabs was shocking, then you might want to cover your eyes for this new video. Let’s just say there is a lot of RiRi writhing around in nothing more than black body paint and a few chains. Not that we’re complaining!

While Rihanna’s recent video “Rude Boy” was colorful and sassy, “Rockstar 101″ is sexy, dark and filmed entirely in black and white. We guess this is Rihanna getting in touch with her rocker side.

Bonus points for RiRi doing Slash drag at the end of the video. Rock star realness!

Watch the video below.