The 10 Celebrity Tweeters With The Most Followers (PHOTOS)

You may have heard the news that Britney Spears has finally been crowned the Queen of Twitter after surpassing Ashton Kutcher in Twitter followers this weekend.

Sure, this important news is all well and good for Britney, but are there any other celebrities that she should be keeping her eye on who might be surpassing her Twitter following one day?

As it turns out, the top ten users with the biggest followings on Twitter are all celebrities, and some are more surprising than others. For example: should Britney be watching out for another pop diva who may surpass her Twitter following? And which daytime diva has a bigger following: Oprah or Ellen DeGeneres? And who is thisclose to beating President Obama?

Click through to see the list of the top ten celebrity Twitter users and start hitting those “follow” buttons.