Tila Tequlia Admits Addiction To Prescription Pills, ‘Media Mogul’ Pressures

By now you have probably already heard about pocket-sized reality star/ media mogul Tila Tequila signing up for Celebrity Rehab, but did you know what her addiction was?

Luckily, Tila took to her “extremely successful” gossip blog to clear up any questions we might have about her newest foray into reality television.

In a “Positive Note” blog post, Tila opens up about her addiction to prescription pills and the pressures she is under to be a media mogul.

From Miss Tila OMG:

I finally admitted to myself that I cannot rely on taking prescription pills everyday for the rest of my life! I didn’t spend my heart and soul into building this extremely successful website, invest every last ounce of money into it, and believe me, a site like this plus staff is EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE! I also have My new Record Label and getting all the contracts done to also start up my own management firm, but in order to do all of that, I MUST not be another “LINDSAY LOHAN” where I just flush everything I worked so hard for down the toilet for nothing….

Tila also reveals later in the post that if she “does well” on Celebrity Rehab that VH1 has agreed to give her a reality show about staying sober and being a “mogul.”


Good for Tila on finally admitting that she needs help! We hope that she does overcome her addiction on Celebrity Rehab, not just for her health, but also for the amazing possibilities of her returning to reality television with her own show.