Adrien Brody Traumatized By Goat Sex

Um yes, we said “goat sex.” Apparently Adrien Brody bought a “gentleman’s farm” in upstate New York and decided to buy some goats to keep as pets on his new property.

The only problem is that the actor got swindled into buying two male goats instead of the female goats he wanted (those tricky goat salesmen, always pulling a fast one on the city folk) and one of the goats was a little, uh, aggressive with the other one.

From Starpulse:

The more well-endowed goat took a liking to the other one and I swear it was traumatic. There was a lot of crying and goat noises and I felt incredibly guilty and I didn’t know what to do. I had homosexual goats.

And maybe one rapist goat!

Adrien felt that the goat rape was so traumatizing that he decided to ship the goats off to Sonoma where they could be “free,” which is what he thinks happens to gay goats when they come out to their family and friends. Note to Adrien: you might want to check out where you are getting your goat facts from, they sound kind of silly.

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