BUZZINGS: Adam Lambert Decides to Make the ‘American Idol’ Finale Much Less Fabulous

  • Adam Lambert has bailed on his scheduled performance on tonight’s American Idol season finale, probably because he’s emotionally overwhelmed by Simon Cowell’s departure. Sigh; aren’t we all? (PopEater)
  • Speaking of Idol, been wondering what Sanjaya’s up to lately? In case the corner he panhandles on isn’t along your commute route, read this. (Wonderwall)
  • Kendra Wilkinson says that her sex-tape scandal is the “hardest time” of her life. Please, no “That’s what he said” jokes. (Huffington Post)
  • Mary-Louise Parker regrets that she went topless for Weeds. That just might put her in the most exclusive club ever. (Starpulse)
  • A guide to Sex and the City 2-inspired cocktails. We recommend straight gin for any unfortunate boyfriends who are dragged along to see it. (Hollywood Life)