BUZZINGS: Lady Gaga Gets Tested For Lupus

Lady Gaga recently got her fans all worked up when she admitted that she was tested for lupus but now she wants everyone to calm down and “not to worry.” We don’t think the American teenage population could handle Lady Gaga getting diagnoses with lupus. (PopEater)

• Native Haitian Wyclef Jean recently begged Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to adopt an orphan from Haiti. Considering that the two of them love collecting children from all over the world, we wouldn’t put it past them to actually do it. (Wonderwall)

Stephanie Pratt says that the “worst thing to happen to her life” is Spencer Pratt not wanting her in his life. Hey, some people would call that a blessing! (Hollywood Life)

• A movie exec connected to Inferno defends Lindsay Lohan’s “I was there for business” excuse for her party trip to Cannes. See, finding funding for a small indie film is so much more important than showing up to silly court hearings. (Starpulse)

• Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan can still do Ambien and Adderall while out on bail, so you can still expect her to be a complete mess. (Huffington Post)