Is ‘Real Housewives’ Star Kelly Bensimon Truly Crazy?

If you watched The Real Housewives of New York last week, you might have noticed Kelly Bensimon acting a little, uh, wacky.

It turns out that Kelly’s crazy episode wasn’t just editing–she might actually be seriosuly disturbed in the head.

Last week, Kelly was on a party vacation with co-stars Alex McCord, Ramona Singer, Bethenny Frankel, and Sonja Morgan, when she started to babble incoherently, fluctuate between crying and laughing, and grow increasingly paranoid that her very pregnant co-star, Bethenny, was trying to kill her in her sleep and Alex was channeling the devil. You know, just your regular reality star behavior.

Now Alex is blabbing to Us Weekly about the incident and says that what we saw on the show made Kelly look “better” than how she actually behaves. Alex also said that Kelly was “much more crazy in real life” and that her co-stars are growing concerned about her mental health.

Alex says that her co-stars on the trip realized that Kelly’s “insane” babbling was “beyond anyone’s control, beyond her control.” So does this mean that Kelly is truly crazy and not just reality show “crazy”? You know things are bad when reality stars are questioning the soundness of your mental health.

Kelly, meanwhile, thinks that nothing is wrong, and says that she had a “breakthrough” on the trip. Apparently she is unaware that people think that she legitimately has mental problems.