Jessica Simpson Mistakes Her Reality Show for a Religious Experience

Most people look at Jessica Simpson’s series The Price of Beauty and see a mediocre reality show among many. But for the host herself, it was something much more.

Discussing the show—in which Simpson traveled the world to explore other cultures’ concepts of beauty—at the Gracies Awards in Beverly Hills on Tuesday, Ms. Chicken or Tuna likened the experience to a religious trek: 

“I’m not saying I’m changing the world….It’s similar to missionary work. It was what I was called to do and called to be.”

So, um, she trotted the globe and converted the heathens from their barbaric notions of attractiveness? Not exactly, but Simpson does give herself credit for strengthening the bonds of sisterhood throughout the world, starting, of course, with herself:

“[I]t’s changing my life, and that’s what it’s all about. We’re all women, we are strong and there is always a life to change, and you are powerful enough to do it!”

Way to put a positive—if perhaps somewhat delusional—spin on things, Jess. But as long as you’re reconsidering beauty rituals for the sake of a better planet, maybe you should start with rethinking your dental-hygiene routine.