Joe Jonas Gets Coffee For One (PHOTOS)

Newly single Joe Jonas must have felt the pangs of loneliness as he stopped at a local coffee shop for a quick cup o' joe sans Demi Lovato.

While Joe put on a brave face, his facial hair is telling a different story. Could Joe be so distraught about his break-up with Demi that he has forgotten to shave and has even started to sport a (ugh) soul patch? Say it ain't so, Joe.

Well, hopefully he doesn't mope for too long, we bet there are pleanty of other girls out there willing to join Joe for coffee.

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  • Rebecca

    And oh yeah, he's in desperate need of a shave. Like Right Now.OH, AND BY THE WAY, WHAT'S A SOUL PATCH?

  • Rebecca

    I Don't think Joe feels that affected and depressed by the breakup with Demi, because he knows he's gonna see her again on tour with his brothers- but this time as friends. They will get back together someday, get married, have kids and start a family. I can promise you that right now. Oh and by the way, it was Taylor who dumped Joe over the phone in 2008,not him. He's no cad and would never cheat or do that to no one.

  • cheri

    there's joe and his gay friend again lol jk. joe is looking free and happy.

  • kelly0eminemfan

    he broke up with her why would he be the mopey one ?