Justin Bieber Twitter-Silences The Haters

All of us here, of course, know that Justin Bieber is perfect in every possible way. But lately some mean-spirited rumor-mongers have lost sight of that fact, and have begun spreading ugly scuttlebutt about the 16-year-old My World sensation: That Biebs is rude behind the scenes. That he gets testy when people ask him about that sweet bird tattoo of his. That he’s so dumb he doesn’t even know what Germans are. (Okay, so that last one appears to be true.)

But Justin Bieber can only take so much besmirching of his good name. So, even though he’s Canadian and thus politeness is pretty much hard-wired into his DNA, Biebs has taken to his Twitter account to tell the big meanies to back off. In the nicest possible way, of course:

family time with my mom couldnt come at a better time….i was raised to respect others and not gossip…nor answer gossip with anger…i know my friends family and fans know the person i am. hearing adults spread lies and rumors is part of the job i guess.

but i all i have to say is…kill em with kindness.

Well put, young Justin. Well put. And if that fails, maybe you can sic your army of rabid fans on them. That would scare even the most dedicated hater into adoring compliance.

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