Kellan Lutz Prefers to Keep His Girlfriend in the Dark

Hey, you know how Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene resolved their contract dispute with Summit Entertainment, therefore making it possible to go ahead with Breaking Dawn? Sure you do—it’s, like, ancient news, right?

Well not to Kellan’s girlfriend AnnaLynne McCord, it isn’t.

McCord was asked what she thought about the agreement at the Gracies Awards in Beverly Hills on Tuesday, and apparently Lutz had neglected to share the good news with her. The 90210 actress replied,

“Did that actually go through or is that just a rumor? If he did, then awesome! I’m going to Vancouver to check it out.”

We wouldn’t book that plane ticket right away, AnnaLynne; if Kellan’s reluctance to share with you is any indication, we’re not so sure you’ll be getting an invitation.