Khloe Kardashian Wants to See Brother Rob and Baby Mason in Matching PJs

Khloé Kardashian proved for the second week in a row the kind and generous soul that she is by posting yet another adorable photo of chubby cheeked nephew Mason on her blog. This time, the footsie pajamas were replaced with Lakers ones in honor of last night’s game. Khloé loved Mason’s getup so much that she expressed a desire to see brother Rob Kardashian in a matching pair.

Khloé wrote,

“He looked so freaking adorable, I was literally melting! LOL. And I love his face in this picture — it’s a mix of both anger and confusion. I think he looks so much like Rob…maybe we should put Rob in matching Lakers PJs for tomorrow’s game and they can be twins haha!!!”

We’d pay big bucks to see that.

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