Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato Form Alliance of Scorned Joe Jonas Exes

Better be careful, Joe Jonas—your potential enemies are piling up fast, and now they’re even starting to organize!

After the Prettiest L’il Joe Bro dumped his latest flame, Demi Lovato, reportedly using his dad to do his dirty work for him, the Sonny With a Chance star received a message of support from a very interesting potential ally: Taylor Swift, who famously received a similarly graceless dumping from Jonas via a voicemail message two years ago.

According to a source, Swift reached out to let Demi know that everything is going to be okay, and that she’s there for her:

“Taylor send Demi a quick text message saying that everything happens for a reason, and [the break-up] will only make her stronger. She told Demi if she ever needed anything, to just ask.”

Very gracious of the Fearless singer. Perhaps the two of them can meet up over coffee—or better yet, in the recording studio. We bet the two of them could crank out a killer concept album about how Joe Jonas is the worst guy ever and will never date again if there’s any justice in the world.