The Lindsay Lohan Hair Terror Alert Scale (PHOTOS)

So our embattled Lindsay Lohan went back to the blonde look, but did you know there's a reason that Lindsay changes her hair color so often? No, it's not just because she can't decide who she is or what she's doing with her life, it's because her hair is -- much like the Terror Alert System introduced by the Department of Homeland Security -- a coded indicator of what kind of behavior we can expect from the troubled starlet.

Is she 'getting back on track' and trying to land acting roles, or is she going MIA in a French hotel room with a bunch of sketchballs instead of showing up for her court date? The answers can all be found in her hair color.

Don't believe us? Click through our Lohan Hair Terror Alert Scale to see what you can expect when Lindsay's hair is blonde, black, red and everything in between.



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  • jerk

    Still looks together here.

  • jerk

    About 6 years ago? I thought Lindsay would take over the world back then, be Americas Sweetheart. Sad.

  • jerk

    Looks like Kelly Clarkson here. She might have a mustache, too.

  • jerk

    That's bad blond.

  • jerk

    I don't usually like her hair blond, but this looks pretty nice.

  • Yum!

    I know I just called her extensions ratty in that other pic, but she looks gorgeous here -- especially the hair.

  • Yuck!

    Those are some AWFUL ratty extensions, too.

  • milla

    Lindsey if you don't start getting your sh*t together your going to end up just like Corey Haim.

  • Heather Corrie Pagone
    Heather Corrie Pagone

    wow yes she was! look at her skin! Lindsey get your sh*t together no more drugs please.

  • Lily

    holy crap she is orange

  • caio

    linda *-*

  • alisha

    she was beautiful back then