Bret Michaels Endangered Life Performing On ‘Idol’

Even with the risk of death, you can’t keep some people down.

The recently brain-afflicted rocker Bret Michaels failed to share with his doctors, friends, and family that he was performing onstage for the American Idol finale, knowing they would try to stop him.

They have not said everything’s okay.  I’m running about seventy-five percent realistically, physically, but in my soul and my heart, I feel great.  I needed to do this tonight, just to come here.

   — Bret Michaels Told Us

The performance began with Idol finalist Casey James starting ‘Every Rose Has Its Thorn’ alone, then the lights came up to reveal Michaels wielding an acoustic guitar just in time to take the next verse.

Check out the video of last night’s dangerous comeback.