BUZZINGS: John Travolta And Kelly Preston Are Not Expecting Twins

• Oops: John Travolta and Kelly Preston are not expecting twins. They still have one lil’ bun in the oven, though. (Wonderwall)

• BREAKING: Willie Nelson has cut his famously long hair. He is now sporting a sassy bob. (PopEater)

• Who won American Idol? We won’t spoil it for you! Click the link to find out. (Hollywood Life)

• Oh drat! Robert Pattinson’s cut hair has gone missing! The Duke of Dreamboats is worried that it might show up on a “tacky auction.” Or, uh, maybe the barber just threw it away, who knows. (LimeLife)

• Legendary TV hos Art Linkletter has passed away. Art was the host of People Are Funny and the radio show that launched Kids Say The Darndest Things. He was 97. (Dlisted)