Jesse James’ Family At Odds Over Abuse Allegations

After Jesse James went on Nightline on Tuesday night and said he was abused as a child (which led him to cheat on Sandra Bullock) conflicting reports about the alleged abuse have been coming out.

First, Jesse’s former stepmom came out and said that the abuse claims were “crap.” Now, Jesse’s father is defending himself and denying that Jesse grew up in an abusive or hostile household.

Jesse’s father is now saying that Jesse broke his arm when he was young because Jesse was “showing off” and jumped a fence to retrieve a ball that had fallen in a neighbors yard. Sounds like typical kid stuff, right?

Well, Jesse’s sister has a different perspective on the story and says that her and Jesse’s father was “very abusive to my mom and us when we were growing up” and that the now infamous arm-breaking incident actually occurred because Jesse’s father forced him to jump a fence to get the ball. She blames her father for terrorizing the 7-year-old Jesse into going into a dangerous situation.

Jesse’s father, meanwhile, says that he has “made a lot of mistake […] most of them with women.” Throughout all of the accusations being slung at him, Jesse’s father says that he would always be there for him “with open arms.”

So, who do you believe? It sounds like the James family has a lot of problems.