Justin Bieber Really, Really Doesn’t Like to Be Touched

Is Justin Bieber starting to turn into a diva?

Baby Biebs recently appeared on Sunrise, an Australian TV show, but according to the show’s host David Koch, he didn’t leave that great of an impression.

Koch went on an Australian radio show recently and revealed that maybe Bieber isn’t the sweet, lovable little pop sensation that captured our hearts when he first hit the music scene.

Koch says that a production staffer for Sunrise was directing Bieber to the spot where he would be performing on the show, and Bieber turned to the staffer and said, “Don’t ever f***ing touch me again.”

According to Koch, the stunned staffer was reassured by Bieber’s staff that “he tells us that all the time.” Say it ain’t so, Biebs!

Koch, meanwhile, says that Bieber’s out-of-control diva behavior is unacceptable, and suggests, “maybe someone needs to drag [him] aside and give [him] a bit of a slap.” Ha ha?

Bieber vaguely responded to the allegations earlier this week when he tweeted that he was “raised to respect others and not gossip…not answer gossip with anger.”

Maybe Bieber originally meant the “don’t touch me” remark to be a joke? That sassy mouth doesn’t sound like it belongs to the Bieber we know and love.

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