Kristen Stewart Says She's Never Dated An Attractive Guy (VIDEO)

Kristen Stewart Says She's Never Dated An Attractive Guy (VIDEO)-photo

Does Kristen Stewart not find Robert Pattinson attractive?

The lovable sassy actress recently did a sultry photo shoot with Flaunt magazine and now a behind-the-scenes video of the shoot has been making the rounds on the internet.

In the video, the uber cool KStew takes issue with the interviewer's question about inner beauty, responding with "what the f**k is inner beauty? [...] I know what they want from that and I don't know how to be, like, 'well, I really like guys who are funny and dorky."

Eventually Kristen says that she has "never really gone out with someone that [she] I thought was attractive."

Hm, we wonder how rumored boyfriend and reigning King of Dreamboats, RPattz, feels about this. We're pretty sure that 95% of the female population would at least be willing to call Robert "attractive."

Watch the video below.


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  • keen

    she means michael is not attractive. haha poor angarano. btw, rob likes her and should be proud by that.i love KStew! she's awesome-very unique lady..

  • Joanna

    well shes got a potty mouth is it just me or is she trying to hard? i still love her though !!!

  • Passer-by

    Kristen doesn't know what inner beauty is? Oh c'mon, it's just like a beauty pageant question....Anyways, i still like her arrive, such a rockstar. The concept of the photoshoot fits her.

  • babyshambles

    Riiight, I'm sure YOU are dating him ;) ..? yeah well done you sound very intelligent just because someone makes a comment that he isn't dating her doesn't mean I think i'm dating him. I'm glad you're so mature

  • bree

    hahaha shes a f*cking G

  • Doyle Lively
    Doyle Lively

    shes so datin Rob....hes funny nd dorky nd dats wat she lyks...

  • Gabby

    She bores me to tears. I didn't get past 10 seconds into the video. Her "I'm a cool, emo, chick who hates attention" facade was old like 2 years ago. She is so over. The words that come out of her mouth make no sense. She says she doesn't date hot guys, but what the public hears is that she chooses to date people based on their looks. What if the guy is hot and has a great she NOT going to date him???

  • sydsouth

    * she only wishes she could be a rock star!!* actress doesn't = rockstar..

  • airinmadrid

    INITIALLY,is a pretty descriptive word don't you think guys?why did you miss it?...I think she might have not found rob very attractive INITIALLY,because you know you usually start to find someone attractive when you start to like what you're seeing in that person,and I think Kristen doesn't mean,she definetly doesn't mean that.

  • laur

    Kristen Stewart is just COOL!!! (Simple & Plain English!).

  • Lily

    she said shes never gone out with a person she found attractive INITIALLY. way to twist her words!

  • melissa

    She's so pesimisstic. Not a fan. **Melissa!

  • rey

    she's ah f*cking rockkkkk starrrrrrr......ilove her

  • trudie

    are you part of their personal life,everyone seems to know them,not likely

  • haha

    Riiight, I'm sure YOU are dating him ;) that was funny. HAHAHA

  • cami

    shes not dating rob pattinson!!! Riiight, I'm sure YOU are dating him ;)

  • barbara02

    And then Robert came to her life.

  • Kat

    Get your quotes right. She says she never went out with a guy she found attractive "initially" (meaning in the beginning). Big difference from not finding any guy she has gone out with attractive

  • babyshambles

    shes not dating rob pattinson!!!

  • Joy

    I read the whole interview. It's obvious she means she doesn't just date someone because they are attractive. Fortunately for her, she's got a guy who has it all!

  • She looks like LMP
    She looks like LMP

    There she is looking like Lisa Marie Presley....classic.

  • yu

    but rpatts is funny and dorky =) soo