Kristin Cavallari Plans To Release Tell-All Book

Kristin Cavallari Plans To Release Tell-All Book-photo

Better get that book club together again: Kristin Cavallari is trying her hand at literature.

Now that The Hills is sadly coming to a close, Kristin told In Touch Weekly that she is planning on writing a tell-all book once her contract expires with MTV. From In Touch:

"After The Hills, I plan to work on many business opportunities, and I have always wanted to write a tell-all book."

Do it! A friend of Kristin's also tells the magazine that "she has wanted to tell the real story [about her shows] before, but she wasn't allowed." Does that mean we'll finally be getting the real dirt on Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag?

Maybe the success of a tell-all book will finally coax former Laguna Beach rival/novelist Lauren Conrad into telling her side of the story.



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  • carolskid1986

    i cant wait!

  • Stephanie Royer
    Stephanie Royer

    In regards to the end of the article, saying LC should write a tell-all - if you read her LA Candy books, they are fictional books - BUT - they are based on her life when she first joined Laguna Beach, and then The Hills. So if you know how to read between the lines, you can figure out who and what she's talking about in the books! ;)