Lindsay Lohan Hides Ankle Bracelet With Ugly Jeans (PHOTOS)

Now that Lindsay Lohan has a new SCRAM ankle bracelet monitoring all of her alcoholic intake, the eternally troubled starlet has to come up with creative ways to hide her new "jewelry." Her solution? Bring back flared jeans.

Yep, Lohan dug deep into her closet to find a faded pair of flared denim to help hide her ankle bracelet from the prying eyes of the paparazzi. While flared jeans haven't been fashionable for a few years, Lindsay knows that desperate times call for desperate measures.

Lohan was snapped in her flared jeans while leaving a friend's house in Los Angeles.

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  • jen

    lmao, are you for fkn real, HEAPS of girl wear jeans like that celebuzz.. I hate Lindsay so don't go thinking i'm sticking up for her, but seriously??

  • rm

    flares are coming back this fall , thank god she is not wearing leggings or skinnies. She looks good!