Lindsay Lohan Isn't A Complete Liar

Lindsay Lohan Isn't A Complete Liar-photo

Sure, Lindsay Lohan gets a lot of bad press about her bad behavior and lying to judges, but she isn't all bad. In fact, Lindsay sometimes even tells the truth!

Take, for example, Lindsay's claim that she had purchased a ticket to fly back to Los Angeles in time for her court hearing last Thursday but the whole mess of a "stolen passport" kept her from leaving France.

At the time, the D.A. was (understandably) skeptical, and said that Lindsay would have to provide proof that she bought the ticket. Well, Lindsay came through!

TMZ obtained a copy of Lindsay's ticket invoice, proving that lil' Linds had dropped $6,860.50 for a flight on Swiss International Air Lines which would have gotten her back in Los Angeles in time for her court hearing.

Moments like this remind us that maybe Lindsay isn't all bad and even gives us a glimmer of hope that she can pull herself together and stage an epic comeback.



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  • John Briggs
    John Briggs

    So what if she bought her ticket, was the reason she didn't use this ticket because her passport was lost?? Well every now and then she'll come out with some truth bombs, only to lie about some other random stuff. Such a waster, coulda done some good stuff but I'm 100% she'll never do a good film :(