Lindsay Lohan's 21 Worst Life Choices (PHOTOS)

There are three ways of doing things in this world: The right way, the wrong way, and the Lindsay Lohan way—which, while closely related to the wrong way, is so jaw-droppingly bewildering that it deserves its own category.

We've all watched in amazement as, within a few short years, LiLo has transformed from apple-cheeked Disney starlet to odds-on favorite in celebrity death pools everywhere. But how did she get there?

Click through our photo gallery for a pictorial review of Lindsay's most defining moments.



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  • Mariel Labs Panda
    Mariel Labs Panda

    wtf! haha

  • Littie George Goodenow
    Littie George Goodenow

    I love you.

  • Janet Tsai
    Janet Tsai

    shes f*cked up in the head just like Britney...dont know why its like a curse or soemthing, those child stars always end up becoming a coke whore

  • guest name
    guest name

    thief : Function: noun Inflected Form(s): plural thieves Etymology: Middle English theef, from Old English thēof; akin to Old High German diob thief Date: before 12th century : one that steals especially stealthily or secretly; also : one who commits theft or larceny

  • freshup16

    wow,, she looks 50

  • freshup16

    yeah! dont waste your liquid diet!! what are you thinking!! you cant even afford one drink anymore..

  • freshup16

    what a sorry individual..

  • freshup16

    she meant to walk out with the fur coat, she knows its worth more than all of her clothes! hahah