M.I.A. Responds to Negative Article By Posting Reporter’s Phone Number

M.I.A., hater of all things wonderful in this world, has found a new way to get people’s attention: posting the personal phone numbers of reporters who write things about her and inviting her fans to torment them.

Lynn Hirschberg recently profiled M.I.A. for the New York Times and had some not-so-great things to say about the pop singer. In the profile, Lynn characterizes M.I.A. as being a careless provocateur who claims to be down with the oppressed even though she lives the life of a wealthy socialite (M.I.A. recently married the son of a billionaire).

M.I.A. responded to the profile by issuing a mature and tactful statement that is befitting a celebrity and mother. Ha, just kidding, she went nuts and tweeted Lynn’s phone number while claiming it was her own number. Sounds pretty childish; maybe Lynn’s observations hit a little too close to home?

Now M.I.A. is catching flack for her tantrum, and Lynn responded to the outburst by saying it is “not surprising” and “fairly unethical.”

M.I.A. hasn’t taken down the tweet or apologized for her careless behavior but we guess, given Lynn’s profile, we shouldn’t be expecting anything less from her.