Paris And Nicky Hilton Salute The Troops (PHOTOS)

The troops' newest supporter, Paris Hilton, was spotted bringing joy to some lucky soldiers at "A Swinging Salute to Our Troops."

Paris and her sister Nicky Hilton showed off the neat MP3 players that Paris is planning on handing out to the troops in the Middle East as part of her new charitable cause, Songs For Soldiers.

Paris even posed with one very happy sailor and a not-so-happy Marine on the red carpet. Come on Marine, cheer up, this is Paris Hilton standing next to you!

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  • Gm Charles Regis
    Gm Charles Regis

    waw gorgeous eyes...loving the smile

  • brendanphlbrick

    I don't care for her and think she might be self seeking,but ms Tsai's comment is out of line,IF THE TROOPS LIKE IT THEN HOOOORAH

  • Janet Tsai
    Janet Tsai

    the way i see it, she can salutes the troops by getiing on her kneels =}