Tiger Woods Put on Strict "No Infidelity" Regimen

Tiger Woods Put on Strict

Tiger Woods is going to have a lot of time—and energy—to put into his golf game for the time being.

As the links legend and serial philanderer heads toward his inevitable divorce from his wife Elin Nordegren, he's been cautioned by his crack legal team to avoid dating altogether until the ink on the divorce papers is dry, lest Elin use his extracurricular activities to drain him of more cash.

According to a source,

"Elin's building a character case [based on his serial philandering]. Elin's team is watching [Tiger's] every move."

Says another insider,

"She wants more money than Michael Jordan's ex got."

(Jordan's ex-wife, Juanita, reportedly received a record $168 million in their 2006 divorce settlement after allegations of infidelity surfaced.)

We only hope that the banking industry doesn't collapse again from all the gold-diggers of the world requesting loans until Tiger is officially available again.



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  • Carmen

    Beware Tiger!!! You are being watch very closely. You either pay or get ready!!! The fact is that no responsible Court on this land will overlook Tiger Woods serious emotional and character issues, before granting parental custody on this case. Tiger had 121+ adulterous affairs during his marriage. He showed careless disregard for the health and wellbeing of his wife and children by having unprotected sex with multiple partners of dubious morality, potentially exposing them to STD. It has been reported that Tiger disclosed to his mistresses info about his marriage and family.Tiger has shown low frustration tolerance and poor anger control with frequent anger outburst and use of profanities in public. Tiger also has a recent history of addiction to pain and sleeping medication and gambling issues. We don’t know if he has used illegal drugs also and most possible he did. There could also be other info about Tiger’s marriage and family life that his wife knows that could be used by her attorney in a contested divorce.

  • ou812

    I can see dead people.

  • andrea

    And this is anybody else's business outside of Tiger and Elin? This constant invasion of their privacy is so out of control and the ridiculous statements made by the so called websites/scandalmongers and comments made by the readers is so off the wall no wonder they both are leery of the press. If your name isn't Tiger or Elin it does not concern you. And no two websites have the same information and vicious comments are made daily based on what people read online or in newspaper/magazines.