Joan Rivers Has Massive Crush On "Gentleman" Jesse James

Joan Rivers Has Massive Crush On

Jesse James may be–in his words–the most hated man in America, but he has at least one fan out there: former Celebrity Apprentice co-star Joan Rivers.

Joan took some time out of her day to defend Jesse's honor to Hollywood Life at a recent party:

Jesse should have been in therapy years ago [...] I’m so sad because he’s such a sweet guy. And when he starts telling you about what he came out of with his background you put two and two together. So you just hope, please God, get into therapy, which he is and try and pull your life together.

Joan continued to gush about Jesse, saying she found him "adorable, ADORABLE" when they worked together and that he was "a darling and a gentleman [...] he was the one who carried your bag, he was the one who helped you up the stairs." Huh, who knew that some basic manners were enough to permanently win the heart of Joan Rivers?



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  • marlboro100lights

    . I love a person who isn’t afraid to say what she thinks. Joan Rivers FTW!

  • Laurel_Winter

    Joan Rivers is not one to give second chances so easily, in fact she wrote, “Men Are Stupid and They Like Big Boobs,” so I don’t think her supporting of Jesse James’ affair is a mistake. She was on the apprentice with him, right? We all know Rivers would be the first to call him out if he deserved it.