Justin Bieber Isn’t Too Famous To Get Grounded

The adorable Justin Bieber may be an international superstar, but he does still have to face punishment from his parents when he does something bad.

Justin recently admitted that he once got in “the worse trouble [he’s] ever been in” when he snuck out with a friend at 2 a.m. to go ride their bikes and got picked up by the police. From Starpulse:

I snuck out once. My friend slept over and we were like, ‘Let’s go out.’ We just went biking and were being stupid but we weren’t doing anything bad. But the police saw us and brought me back home, because there was a curfew on the area! It was two in the morning and I got grounded for a month! That’s the worse trouble I’ve ever been in.

Wow, grounded for a month? The Biebers don’t mess around when it comes to disciplining their kids, even if their famous.

We guess it is good that someone is around to punish Justin when he steps out of line because there is no way we could discipline someone as cute as lil’ Biebs. It’d be like chastising the world’s cutest puppy.

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