Kristen Stewart Compares Paparazzi to Rapists

Apparently Kristen Stewart’s flair for the dramatic isn’t confined to her work on the big screen.

During a recent interview, the Twilight actress reportedly compared being hounded by the paparazzi to being “raped”:

“It’s so…The photos are so…I feel like I’m looking at someone being raped. A lot of the time I can’t handle it. I never expected that this would be my life.”

That seems a tad hyperbolic—and we can only assume that some actual rape victims might take issue with K-Stew’s comparison.

Stewart also goes on to complain about being quoted in the media:

“Your little persona is made up of all the places that people have seen you and what has been said about you. And usually the places that I am are so overwhelming in the moment and fleeting for me—like one second where I’ve said something stupid, that’s me, forever.” 

Not saying stupid things in the first place might go a long way in solving that problem.

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