Lindsay Lohan Goes Clubbing With Ankle Bracelet

Oh, Lindsay Lohan, will you ever learn from your mistakes?

Despite the fact that she is a recovering alcoholic, currently out on bail due to legal problems stemming from a DUI, and has seen her once promising career completely destroyed due to her partying, Lindsay is still going out to the clubs. Don’t you just want to shake her and tell her to just stay home for once?

Lindsay was spotted partying it up with friends at the Last Palmas club in Los Angeles. Apparently, she wasn’t going to let a little alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet keep her from partying.

Why does Lindsay keep going to clubs when her partying ways have obviously torn her life apart? Not only is a club a bad place for a recovering addict, but no one is going to respect Lindsay if she keeps going out to clubs even while she is on bail and facing serious charges stemming from a DUI.

Let’s hope that being around a tempting environment filled with booze and drugs isn’t going to be too much for lil’ Linds.