Megan Fox Making Post-‘Transformers’ Rebound With ‘Pirates 4′ Role?

Johnny Depp and Megan Fox in the same movie? We hope the theater screens don’t catch fire from all the sexy…

Fox, who recently abandoned the Transformers movie franchise due to conflicts with director Michael Bay, is now reportedly considering a role in the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean 4. A source reveals,

“Megan is mulling over a number of big movie offers including another sci fi franchise and a role in the next Pirates of the Caribbean. She would play a mermaid who charms Captain Jack but she has a dark motive…Megan has always loved Johnny and is desperate to work with him.”

Can’t say as we blame her on that last count.  We just hope she’s willing to take a pay cut, given the belt-tightening that’s occurring with the production.

Do you think a mermaid Megan would be a worthy addition to the Pirates series? Sound off in the comments section!