Russell Brand Has Some Demands For Future Wife Katy Perry

While the news of the infamous Lothario Russell Brand buckling down and becoming faithful to his future wife Katy Perry has some cynical people placing bets of the failure of their marriage, Russell doesn’t seem too concerned. In fact, the reformed sex addict has some pretty high demands for future wife Katy.

Russell tells Parade that while he told Katy not to worry about his past, he does have some love-making demands for her:

Katy is sexy, which is good because if I don’t have an orgasm every 15 or 16 minutes, I can become very difficult. But, if she’s going to marry me, she’s going to bloody learn how to cook.

Orgasms every 15 minutes? Talk about a TMI. How did this guy ever make it through filming of his new film, Get Him to the Greek if he can’t go 15 minutes without sneaking off to do his dirty business?

And, while we are sure that Katy is a lady of many talents, we just can’t really picture her playing housewife and cooking for Papa Russell every night. He’s marrying an international pop star, what does he expect?