Sandra Bullock Masters The Art Of Avoiding The Paparazzi

Is Sandra Bullock Hollywood’s greatest paparazzi evader?

It sure seems like it. Every single paparazzo in America has been on the hunt for Sandra after news of her husband’s affairs broke but she has carefully avoided them and remained relatively absent from the public eye.

While her soon-to-be-ex husband, Jesse James appeared on Nightline to discuss his many scandals, Sandra has been reportedly hiding out in the Beverly Hills Hotel.

The hotel is famous for its privacy and despised by the paparazzi who have a hard time gaining access into the luxury spot. Considering that Sandra is notoriously private, it seems like the perfect spot for her to hide out.

However, she isn’t just camping out in a fancy hotel: according to the numerous paparazzi snappers that are following her, she often jets around from city to city. How does the paparazzi’s Most Wanted Woman sneak out so stealthily? According to one photographer, “she can escape from any situation–but she does it without being seen.”

We bet there are some paparazzi-attracting celebrities that would love to know Sandra’s secrets for avoiding the press.