The New 'Transformers' Girl Shows Off Her 'Acting Chops' (VIDEO)

The New 'Transformers' Girl Shows Off Her 'Acting Chops' (VIDEO)-photo

Relax, everybody; despite the abrupt departure of Megan Fox, Transformers 3 is going to be just fine. In fact, it will probably be AWESOME!

Many movie fans worried when it was announced that Victoria's Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley would be replacing Fox, citing her utter lack of acting experience. But Celebuzz has uncovered a clip that Huntington-Whiteley filmed for lingerie company Agent Provocateur that proves Huntington-Whitely can, in fact, act. Granted, she's mostly acting very, very dirty in the clip, but still...

Check out the videographic proof below. (WARNING: Unless you work in a porn shop, the following clip very well may be NSFW):

Agent Provocateur - "Love Me Tender" in HD from Greg Williams on Vimeo.



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  • Daryl

    shes ok but i believe magan is hotter than her.

  • Matt

    Rosie is super hot and one of the sexiest VS Angels! Good choice for summer movie eye candy!

  • Carl

    she's a terrible actress so i don't think it would be too hard for rosie to be better than her. both very hot though.

  • David (loves Layla)
    David (loves Layla)

    With some training Rosie could so easily replace Megan. People shouldn't judge her on some AP commercial, it's just a commercial and not the best way to prove whether she can act or not. She's not atrocious at least. Wait till the movie. She's hot and really cute anyway.

  • Sirenne

    Megan is a bad actress anyway so i won't be missing her from transformers. her fans seem to be under the delusion that she is the reason most people watched. yeah, ok, it's like they forgot it's a huge summer blockbuster that was already an 80s franchise with fans already, and megan was an unknown chick then. tf3 won't suck without her. she was boring on screen and had ZERO chemistry with shia anyway. beautiful girl who should try to get some acting classes in and do something better. she could blow up if she got the talent to match her looks. i hope rosie rocks it, or does decent cause she's already got some of megan's nutty fans hating on her already.

  • Eve

    megan has been the same in all the movies she's done so far and she was awful in both transformers movies. no one was expecting her to pull a meryl streep but something decent would have been nice, it is a movie after all even if it's just michael bay's action flick. i think it's a good thing she's not in it and it'll be better to see her do something else anyway. good luck to rosie and she is a babe, nice face and figure, bit skinny but she is a model! and she has lovely natural full lips.

  • Christianne

    I like Megan, she's fit, but Rosie is so pretty and cute. If you watch her vids on youtube you'll see. She comes off as totally likeable. I look forward to seeing her on TF3. Even though I like Megan, she sucked in both movies.

  • Jodie

    Megan wasn't anything special in Transformers or Transformers: ROTF so I don't get why her fans are worried about a less experienced actress joining the cast. As if she's got big boots to fill or something? Please. Megan is a mega hottie but totally replaceable as far as her acting goes. Rosie should be given a chance, it's an eye candy role but I'd like to see something more dynamic than what Megan brought to the screen.

  • Britannia

    I hope Rosie does better than Megan did. She's hot and all but she was flat in TF1 & 2. Rosie's hot too!

  • Crystal

    Man...thatwas hot

  • Britini95

    She isn't that great of an actress...but neither is megan. The role of the love interest in an action flick is too be hot, so she'll be just fine.